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Rowery dziecięce
kands rowery dziecięce

Kids bikes

KANDS children’s bicycles are intended for the youngest who are just starting their cycling adventure. KANDS bikes are designed to give your child the opportunity to enter the exciting world of bicycles, while ensuring the convenience of use, high quality, safety, comfort, and modern design.
Rowery trekkingowe
kands rowery trekkingowe

Trekking bikes

KANDS trekking bike is a choice that will be perfect in urban areas and will allow you to discover the charms of cycling tourism. It stands out in terms of practicality, thanks to the use of functional accessories. Appropriate frame geometry ensures a comfortable position. Light aluminium components and properly selected tires ensure perfect grip on asphalt and less stable ground. The comfortable position will allow you to enjoy riding, during short rides and long-distance cycling trips with heavy luggage.
Rowery crossowe
kands rowery crosoowe

Cross bikes

KANDS cross bikes are the most versatile bikes that will allow you to move efficiently in city traffic, and bike trips along dirt roads and outside the city. They work well on many types of surfaces. Thanks to the shock absorption they ensure comfortable traversing kilometres, and great brakes guarantee safety. Due to their specificity, these bikes retain a low weight. The KANDS cross bike is an excellent choice, designed to ensure a smooth ride and comfortable use on any route.
Rowery górskie
kands rowery górskie

MTB bikes

KANDS mountain bikes are intended for people who require versatility. It is an ideal solution for commuting to work and school, and in your spare time it will enable you to overcome forest routes and dirt roads. The MTB bike can cope with difficult conditions without any problems. Light aluminium components and high-quality assembly make the bike stable and, if the situation requires, it gains great dynamics. Suspension fork dampens all vibrations. Due to their specificity and the use of only the necessary components, these bikes retain a low weight, which plays a key role in terms of manoeuvrability and comfort of use.
Rowery miejskie
kands rowery miejskie

City bikes

KANDS city bike is the most convenient and environmentally friendly way to move around the city, asphalt roads and paths outside the city. Our bikes are characterized by a variety of designs, very rich colours and a wealth of patterns. Well-chosen geometry of the frames, comfortable saddles and properly profiled handlebars ensure a comfortable, upright position. These models are very practical, equipped with solid trunks and modern lighting.
Rowery junior
kands rowery junior

Junior bikes

KANDS Junior bicycles are perfect for older children, girls and boys. It is a line of city bikes and mountain bikes. KANDS bikes will be perfect on the way to school and during trips with parents, and they look fantastic! They will allow your child to develop an interest in physical activity and enjoy spending time outdoors. A wide range of bikes will ensure a perfect adjustment to the height, skills and predispositions of the child.

Rowery elektryczne
kands rowery elektryczne


The KANDS bike from the E-bike group is a bike for everyone. It limits physical exertion and helps to break new boundaries. It will work great during city driving and will allow you to increase the distance of your trips. KANDS E-bike is equipped with support up to 25 km/h, that occurs only while pedalling, it relieves the work of our muscles, limiting the effort and positively influencing the comfort of use. E-bike models are characterized by great practicality. Well-chosen geometries of the frames, comfortable saddles and properly profiled handlebars ensure a comfortable position.
Rowery szosowe
kands rowery szosowe

Road bikes

KANDS road bikes were created to introduce you to the world of amateur cycling and to allow you to enjoy the pleasure of overcoming fast descents, steep climbs, and narrow serpentines. Light aluminium components and high-quality assembly make the bike stable and, if the situation requires, it gains great dynamics. Due to their specificity, these bikes retain a low weight, and the brakes guarantee safety.
Rowery dirt
kands rowery dirt

DIRT bikes

KANDS DIRT bikes are designed to be fun in the city, on pump track and dirt tracks. The most important role here is played by a durable frame made of 6061 aluminium, with thick double butted tubes. This guarantees high stiffness and phenomenal driving experience! Horizontal hooks guarantee the strength of the axles and hooks. Disc brakes ensure effective braking in all conditions.
Rowery bmx
kands rowery bmx

BMX bikes

KANDS bikes from the BMX group are durable and light bikes that have been designed to perform tricks in the city, on tracks and ramps. It is a great choice for learning your first bike acrobatics. A durable steel frame, high handlebar and brakes ensure safety and full control over the bike.
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Why kands?

Polish company

We are the Polish producer of KANDS and LAGUNA brands. Our company was established in 1999. Since then, we have been continuously operating on the Polish and foreign bicycle market . In our wide offer, there are every type of bike. From toddler bikes to high-performance dirt bikes.

20 years of experience

Many years of experience have allowed us to get to know the wide market of bicycle components in detail and to select only branded, solid components on the basis of which our products are made. All this to make using them a pleasure for users, while maintaining a very competitive price.

Modern production line

Thanks to the use of a modern production line, we provide high-quality assembly and a guarantee that all components that make up our brand bikes will work together great, long and flawlessly.

Offer for 2022

We also sell wholesale and retail bicycle parts and accessories of ours and other recognized brands.
Thank you for your interest in our offer. We cordially invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment we have in our offer for 2022.